Landscape Maintenance Gresham

Landscape Maintenance Gresham

What do You Look for in a Landscape Maintenance Company?

Keeping a lawn looking great year-round takes hard work. But few Gresham property owners have the time or energy to keep up with all the weed pulling, tree trimming, planting, and mowing that Northwest lawns require.

That’s why our landscaper services are so important. Sheldon’s Maintenance is a versatile lawn care company that takes pride in keeping Gresham properties looking great, rain or shine.

Our crew is easy to communicate with, so if you need additional services such as debris removal while we’re there, don’t hesitate to ask. We prioritize ease of communication so you get exactly what you need without having to wait around for an elusive crew manager.

With flexible packages, commercial or residential clients can take or leave whichever service they like. If a one-time yard cleanup in the fall is all you need, we can arrange a time that works best for your schedule.

Or if you have several acres of property that need to be maintained on an ongoing basis, we work with you to get the right services at the right intervals.

Maintain the beauty of your lawn with our versatile services

Sheldon’s Landscape Maintenance works with landlords and homeowners to keep their properties looking tidy and lush no matter the season. And as a general contractor, we’re happy to partner with you on other outdoor projects such as pressure washing, painting, or home upgrades.

Our lawn maintenance services include: 

  • Blackberry Bush Removal
  • Mowing and Blowoff of Debris
  • Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Shrub Grooming
  • One-time Yard Cleanup
  • Routine Yard Maintenance
  • Lawn Maintenance that Meets Oregon HOA Standards
  • Debris Hauling
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Weed Pulling
  • Dethatching and Aerating
  • Crisp Edging
  • Bark Dust, Gravel, and Mulch Installation
  • Overseeding
  • Garden Bed Replacement

Gresham OR Landscaper

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Lawn Care

Having a home service professional working in or around your home should be rewarding, not stressful.

Our team works closely to ensure that your needs are met every time we visit.

And that means respecting your personal space, arriving on time, looking and acting professionally, and communicating any changes with you should they arise.

Sheldon’s is licensed to perform lawn maintenance tasks and adheres to Oregon laws and regulations accordingly. If you need general contractor services, we are more than happy to work with you as well. Sheldon’s also offers remodeling services, painting, building maintenance, window washing, and a variety of household repair services.

We understand that not everyone is lucky enough to have a live-in handyman. So, whatever you need help with, be sure to ask us before calling a separate service. Our current clients appreciate our ability to shift from lawn maintenance and debris hauling to kitchen installation, drywall, and building material replacement.

Gresham property owners don’t have to compromise when it comes to maintenance. We do it all. And we do it better.

Pruning, weeding, edging, mowing and more. Sheldon’s offers versatile, high-quality lawn maintenance services for Gresham residents. Call today for convenient scheduling and reliable service.

Versatile property maintenance services

Sheldon’s tightly knit crew of landscaping professionals are trained in a variety of residential and commercial building and lawn maintenance tasks, so if something comes up – such as needing the deck pressure washed, you don’t have to call a separate company. The services we offer are comprehensive so you have a partner in keeping your property tidy, thriving, and well-maintained.