Pressure Washing

Our State of the Art equipment performs the many tasks for which it was designed producing an outstanding finished product. We are equipped to effectively and efficiently clean walkways sidewalks and driveways and also clean garage floors and pool areas, brick or stone walls, building and home siding, fences, roofs, gutters and an occasional cement birdbath or water feature. There isn’t a job to big or to small for us to handle.? If you have an issue a power washer can solve, give us a call. We have one of the best and will gladly give you a free quote to restore your power washing job to a condition you will be proud of.

Avoid slipping and sliding when walking on a slick pool area surface. Power washing will restore the pool area to a clean, mold-free, more slip resistant surface that is safer and has a more aesthetically pleasant appearance bringing forth any structural details and color in the pool surround. Power washing the pool area on a regular schedule is a detail easily overlooked but critical to avoid accidents and injuries. We are available for a one time power wash or a regularly scheduled power washing to keep the area clean and safer year around.

Has your once bright white pasture fence lost its bright white appeal from normal weather conditions or accidental incidents? Our power washer can bring it back to its original glory with a single power washing. If your fence is a wood construction, we can bring that aged wood back for the future with a good pressure washing. It is amazing how refreshed a wooden fence becomes when that outer layer of weather conditioning is power washed away. A sealer coat of some kind applied periodically will keep it that way.? Our State of the Art equipment will bring your fence back for a more impressive future.

Does your moss covered roof need attention? We first brush the moss loose from the roof and with controlled lower pressure wash the loose moss off (our equipment is easily pressure controlled to avoid damaging roofing materials). A moss prevention product can then be applied periodically to maintain the moss-free condition. For those uncomfortable with any pressure washing on the roof, we have other effective methods of roof cleaning that are also effective. Give us a call and we will discuss your special roof cleaning needs.

A beautifully well kept dwelling constructed with wooden siding is beginning to look dingy. Wooden siding is known to accumulate moss, a conglomeration of adjoining plant materials, other normal weather condition aging, and some use and abuse dings and marking that can use a good pressure washing to refresh its appeal.?If a new paint job is on the horizon, a good pressure washing will make it fresh-paint-ready. Our equipment is designed to also produce excellent results on stone or brick and mortar sided or trimmed homes restoring them to their full glory.

Your cement or blacktop walkways and sidewalks can become dull and dingy and even a little slippery. Power washing will clean away moss and other debris making more slip resistant walkways and define the structural construction details and color in the path layout. If there is a cement porch and steps they will be included in the power wash quote. Our powerful equipment does a very proficient cleaning job producing a whole new and aesthetically fresh clean look you will love to see set off your dwelling and landscaping. We also power wash patios, decks and retaining walls, garage floors and driveways. Call us for any power washing needs or wishes.

Are there unwanted and unattractive oil stains on your driveway spoiling the overall appearance of your home and landscape. Our powerful power washing equipment will easily eradicate most oil spots with one good washing and clean embedded tire tracks and a dingy driveway surface. If there are surface cracks in the driveway, we will take the extra effort to clean out any loose debris embedded there. We also power wash garage floors cleaning up oil stains, dark tire tracks, and leave most garage floors in pristine condition. We are eager to fulfill your power washing needs.

Versatile property maintenance services

Sheldon’s tightly knit crew of landscaping professionals are trained in a variety of residential and commercial building and lawn maintenance tasks, so if something comes up – such as needing the deck pressure washed, you don’t have to call a separate company. The services we offer are comprehensive so you have a partner in keeping your property tidy, thriving, and well-maintained.