Remodeling Contractor Happy Valley

Remodeling Contractor Happy Valley

Remodeling Contractor Services for Happy Valley

Happy Valley, home to both tidy suburban tracts and idyllic hillside properties, strikes a perfect balance between urban and country. That same kind of balance is what many local homeowners want to achieve with their home remodel.

Sheldon’s Maintenance is more than a landscaper and handyman service. We provide a variety of remodeling contractor services to help keep your home functional and beautiful year-round.

Happy Valley OR Remodeling Company

Welcome Home

Very few of us live a house that was custom designed and built for us. So, limitations inevitably surface once we’ve settled in and learned what we need from each space.

Sheldon’s Maintenance helps Happy Valley residents find opportunities for smart home improvement, offering our expertise for those who want a little more from their living areas.

Sheldon’s Maintenance is an experienced, local remodeling contractor, having earned their client base by providing home solutions that are managed with thoughtfulness and precision.


Let our dedicated remodelers help you with:

  • Kitchen Demo and Remodel
  • Ikea Kitchen Installation
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Drywall Replacement
  • Indoor Painting
  • Tiling
  • Laminate Floors
  • Linoleum Floors
  • Tile Floors
  • Cabinet Refinishing
  • Water-Damage Repair
  • Subfloor Replacement

House Remodeling: How Does Sheldon’s Maintain Perfection in Their Process?

We understand that a beautiful kitchen doesn’t get that way haphazardly. And that even if the final product is a technical success, a poorly managed remodel can leave homeowners feeling underwhelmed and distrustful of remodeling contractors.

The final product is only part of our focus. Our in-house team believes that creating a great product requires careful planning, thoughtful communication, and attention to detail during even the most complex tasks.

Maybe the kitchen counter is worn and sits too low, maybe the doorways are too narrow or the damaged flooring in the bathroom. However your home fails to serve you, we work closely with you to correct it.

Our experts help homeowners identify the best ways to upgrade and integrate individual elements by asking the right questions before breaking ground. And by focusing on details while managing the project, we deliver more than just a pretty end result — we deliver a home that you can grow with.

How Does a Remodeler Improve the Interior and Exterior of a Home?

There’s a rare advantage to calling Sheldon’s for your remodeling project. We help you improve both the interior of your house and the exterior. As home improvement professionals, we offer home repair, remodeling, roofing, pressure washing, and landscape maintenance service – conveniently combining all of our skills under one roof.

The advantage for our clients is eliminating the need to find a new professional for every job. We understand how frustrating it is to hire a contractor only to find that they “won’t touch” certain projects because it lies outside of their skillset.

Our services are truly comprehensive, so when you call us for remodeling, you can relax knowing that you have a partner all things home-maintenance.


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Versatile property maintenance services

Sheldon’s tightly knit crew of landscaping professionals are trained in a variety of residential and commercial building and lawn maintenance tasks, so if something comes up – such as needing the deck pressure washed, you don’t have to call a separate company. The services we offer are comprehensive so you have a partner in keeping your property tidy, thriving, and well-maintained.