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A home that met our needs when we purchased it may not meet our needs as our tastes and needs change over the years.

But it’s not always practical or even possible to relocate to a new home. Especially in Gresham where property values are consistently rising.

So, if your home just needs some upgrades here and there, Sheldon’s Maintenance landscaping and remodeling contractor services can help.

Transforming a home from “livable” to “loveable” can be as easy as replacing some countertops and adding a fresh coat of paint. No matter what you imagine your dream home looking like, we can help you get closer to it with our comprehensive home services.

When you partner with Sheldon’s to install new features in the interior of your home, you get a knowledgeable and talented team of individuals who always measure twice and cut once. We approach each remodeling project with the philosophy that details matter when it comes to materials as well as communication with our clients.

With this approach, we guarantee that your remodeling experience will be just as rewarding as the eend result So, talk to us about how you envision your home. Whether it’s just replacing some damaged flooring or adding some modern flair to an outdated kitchen, we make it happen.

Our Services

Being a regular lawn maintenance client is not a prerequisite to taking advantage of our other services. We’re happy to work with your designs, pick up materials, or discuss your needs if you haven’t fleshed out the details yet.

Talk to us about how we can update your home’s interior. We offer: 

  • Full Kitchen Demolition and Remodel
  • Ikea Kitchen Installation
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Drywall Replacement
  • Indoor Painting
  • Tiling
  • Laminate Floors
  • Linoleum Floors
  • Tile Floors
  • Cabinet Refinishing
  • Water-Damaged Material Replacement
  • Subfloor Replacement

Why choose Sheldon’s Maintenance to remodel your bathroom or kitchen?

We know there are many brilliant remodeling companies in Gresham that do excellent work. But quality comes primarily from the people who perform the work and make it a great experience for their customers.

Our team works with you to find the countertops, cabinets, flooring, tile, and paint that you prefer and ensures that you’re getting the best value for your investment. Plus, we ensure that communication remains smooth and consistent and that all details are considered before demolition.

Remodeling Contractor Gresham

More than Maintenance

Proper planning can make even the most complex remodeling projects manageable. And at Sheldon’s, we take the planning stages of your remodel very seriously. That means we ask you the right questions upfront.

Things like standard cabinet height, cost of materials, timelines, whether plumbing and electrical will play a role in the upgrade, what to do with discarded materials, and countless other details need to be considered before moving forward.

If you’re curious about our past remodeling projects, we’re happy to let you peruse a portfolio of work we’ve done locally as well. We serve Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Gresham, Clackamas, Happy Valley, and West Linn.

T alk to us about how we can upgrade your home in ways that align with your long-term goals. We look forward to making your house a better home.

Versatile property maintenance services

Sheldon’s tightly knit crew of landscaping professionals are trained in a variety of residential and commercial building and lawn maintenance tasks, so if something comes up – such as needing the deck pressure washed, you don’t have to call a separate company. The services we offer are comprehensive so you have a partner in keeping your property tidy, thriving, and well-maintained.